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The Strategic Plan with a Practical Viewpoint CONTACT: Jack Brown

By Robin Sood, $49.95 original trade paperback, or (877) 742-6657

192 pages, (indexed, illustrations), ISBN 0-9760674-3-9, LCCN 2004097070

Strategies for Effective Outsourcing

AUSTIN, TEXAS Over the past few years, the number of U.S. white-collar jobs that have been moved overseas has accelerated. Researchers forecast that approximately 588,000 U.S. jobs will be offshored by 2005 and that the number will reach 3.3 million by 2015. The trend has provoked a political backlash, but informed observers say it is far less threatening than its critics make it out to be. They also say, quite simply, that the trend is inevitable, given the current nature of the global economy and of healthy competition.

Business leaders and the country as a whole must come to grips with this important and irreversible aspect of the "global village", but, until now, there have been relatively few resources that provide an informed and reliable perspective on outsourcing. That makes the publication of Robin Sood's IT, Software and Services: Outsourcing and Offshoring an important event. Sood, as his subtitle declares, provides a "Strategic Plan with a Practical Viewpoint". That viewpoint has been earned during the fourteen years Sood has spent working with companies that outsource. This book distills his experience for the benefit of managers and technical staff who are considering outsourcing as an option or who are looking to maximize the potential of a current outsourcing project.

The basic message of IT, Software and Services is that outsourcing and offshoring can be double-edged swords. Companies that implement these procedures ineptly risk wasting large quantities of time and money, whereas those that pose the right questions and make effective decisions can reap tremendous rewards. Sood's primary aim in writing this book is to help managers make the right choices, ones that can literally save their companies millions of dollars.

As outsourcing situations are too variable and unpredictable for a learn-by-example approach to work effectively, Sood focuses on getting the reader to think strategically and to pose the most productive questions. But this approach is not merely abstract and theoretical; in fact, the book's orientation is eminently practical and directly reflects hard-won experience "from the trenches".

IT, Software and Services will prove to be a mandatory addition to the reading lists of forward-looking business managers. The information it contains regarding trends, strategies, and offshoring destinations simply cannot be ignored by those who wish to remain competitive in today's fastpaced global economy.